Commit ac103b42 authored by Samuel GAIST's avatar Samuel GAIST Committed by André Anjos
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[scripts][before_test] Use gitlab runner id for build container

Use mv rather than ln to handle algorithm libraries.
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......@@ -68,8 +68,7 @@ check_env BEAT_CORE_TEST_DIR
if [ "$1" == "build" ]; then
for k in "${ALGORITHMS[@]}"; do
algodir=$(dirname "${k}")
run_cmd docker run --rm --volume="${CI_PROJECT_DIR}/scripts/" --volume="${BEAT_CORE_TEST_DIR}/${algodir}:/sources" --workdir="/sources" --entrypoint="bash" "${BEAT_CXX_DEV_ENVIRONMENT}" /
run_cmd ln -sf "${BEAT_CORE_TEST_DIR}/${algodir}/build/*.so" "${BEAT_CORE_TEST_DIR}/${algodir}";
run_cmd docker run --rm --user=$(id -u gitlab-runner):$(id -g gitlab-runner) --volume="${CI_PROJECT_DIR}/scripts/" --volume="${BEAT_CORE_TEST_DIR}/${algodir}:/sources" --workdir="/sources" --entrypoint="bash" "${BEAT_CXX_DEV_ENVIRONMENT}" /
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