Commit a8c8ac52 authored by Jaden DIEFENBAUGH's avatar Jaden DIEFENBAUGH Committed by Samuel GAIST
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[toolchain] Give more spacing between nodes for beat.editor

Fixes beat.editor#132
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......@@ -425,9 +425,12 @@ class Toolchain(object):
make_label = make_layout_label if is_layout else make_drawing_label
root = Digraph(
splineType = 'line' if is_layout else 'polyline'
# default is 0.25, but it seems 0.5 is needed to keep everything separated
# when the layout is parsed by beat.editor
nodesep = '0.5' if is_layout else '0.25'
root.attr('graph', rankdir='LR', compound='true', splines=splineType,
labelloc='t', label=title, fontname=fontname,
fontsize=str(3*int(fontsize)), nodesep=nodesep)
datasets = Digraph('dataset_cluster')
datasets.attr('graph', rank='same', label='datasets')
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