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Update the name of the docker image to use to build and test a C++ algorithm

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......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ recipe = bob.buildout:scripts
recipe = collective.recipe.cmd
cmds = cd beat/core/test/prefix/algorithms/user/
tar -cf cxx_integers_echo.tar cxx_integers_echo/
docker run -dti --name build beats/cxx_dev:0.1.5 > /dev/null
docker run -dti --name build > /dev/null
docker cp cxx_integers_echo.tar build:/tmp/cxx_integers_echo.tar
docker exec build bash -c 'cd /tmp ; tar -xf /tmp/cxx_integers_echo.tar'
docker exec build bash -c 'cd /tmp/cxx_integers_echo ; mkdir build ; cd build ; cmake .. ; make'
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