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[dock] Add logging information to lable based discover

This will show information similar to the describe based
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......@@ -401,13 +401,17 @@ class Host(object):
image_info = _parse_image_info(image)
key = "{} {}".format(image_info["name"], image_info["version"])
image_name = image_info["image"]
if key in environments:
if _must_replace(key, image, environments):
environments[key] = image_info"Updated '%s' -> '%s'", key, image_name)
environments[key] = image_info
Host.images_cache[image_info["image"]] = environments[key]
Host.images_cache[image_name] = environments[key]"Registered '%s' -> '%s'", key, image_name)
return environments
client = docker.from_env()
......@@ -418,6 +422,12 @@ class Host(object):
executors = client.images.list(filters={"label": ["beat.env.type=execution"]})
environments = _process_image_list(executors)
"Found %d environments and %d database environments",
return environments, db_environments
def create_container(self, image, command):
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