Commit 475c76ff authored by Samuel GAIST's avatar Samuel GAIST
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[test] Simplify logging setup

parent 3dd85627
...@@ -67,13 +67,10 @@ if VERBOSE_TEST_LOGGING: ...@@ -67,13 +67,10 @@ if VERBOSE_TEST_LOGGING:
handler = logging.StreamHandler() handler = logging.StreamHandler()
handler.setFormatter(formatter) handler.setFormatter(formatter)
beat_core_logger = logging.getLogger('beat.core') for logger_name in ['beat.core', 'beat.backend.python']:
beat_core_logger.setLevel(logging.DEBUG) logger = logging.getLogger(logger_name)
beat_core_logger.addHandler(handler) logger.setLevel(logging.DEBUG)
beat_backend_logger = logging.getLogger('beat.backend.python')
def setup_package(): def setup_package():
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