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......@@ -71,6 +71,26 @@ the checked-out version available at ``src/cpulimit``::
$ ln -s ../src/cpulimit/src/cpulimit
$ cd .. #go back to the root of beat.web
Docker Setup
Make sure you have the ``docker`` command available on your system. For certain
operating systems, it is necessary to install ``docker`` via an external
virtual machine (a.k.a. the *docker machine*). Follow the instructions at `the
docker website <>` before trying to
execute algorithms or experiments.
We use specific docker images to run user algorithms. Download the following
base images before you try to run tests or experiments on your computer::
$ docker pull beats/py27:system
Optionally, also download the following images to be able to re-run experiments
downloaded from the BEAT platform (not required for unit testing)::
$ docker pull beats/py27:0.0.4
$ docker pull beats/py27:0.1.0
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