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add blurb in configuration doc page for overriding database locations

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When running an experiment via the ``beat`` application using the local
executor (the default executor, also behind the ``--local`` flag), ``beat``
will look into your configuration for any options set by the user that follow
the format ``database/<db name>/<db version>``. ``beat`` expects that this
option points to a string representing the path to the root folder of the
actual database files for the given database.
For example, the AT&T "Database of Faces" is available on the BEAT platform
as the "atnt" database. The third version of the "atnt" database would be
referenced as "atnt/3". The object "atnt/3" has a root folder defined on
the BEAT platform already, and changing this locally would mean creating a
new version of the database.
Instead, you may override that path by setting the configuration option
``database/atnt/3`` to your local path to the database files.
Assuming your username is "user" and you extracted the database files to
``~/Downloads/atnt_db``, you can set ``database/atnt/3`` to
``/home/user/Downloads/atnt_db``, and ``beat`` will find the database files.
You may explore different configuration options with the ``--help`` flag of
``beat config``:
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