Commit d1ba73ba authored by Samuel GAIST's avatar Samuel GAIST
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[test][config] Update check for non 0 returned value for command failure

With the update to click, the returned value on error has changed.
Therefore, as on Unix systems, 0 means everything is ok and non 0
problem occured, then check that the output is not 0 on command
failure tests.
parent b6dabb21
......@@ -121,13 +121,13 @@ def test_set_get_local_atnt_db():
def test_set_bad_config_key():
db_config = 'fail''config', 'set', '--local', db_config, db_config), 1)'config', 'set', '--local', db_config, db_config), 0)
def test_get_bad_config_key():
db_config = 'fail''config', 'get', db_config), 1)'config', 'get', db_config), 0)
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