Commit bd21fb6c authored by Flavio TARSETTI's avatar Flavio TARSETTI
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[plotters] clean code - remove comments

parent 41200e8d
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......@@ -126,7 +126,6 @@ def pull(webapi, prefix, names, force, indentation, format_cache):
# download default plotterparameter
defaultplotters = common.fetch_object(webapi, 'defaultplotter', None, ['parameter'])
#plotterparameters = simplejson.loads(defaultplotters['parameter'], object_pairs_hook=collections.OrderedDict)
for df in defaultplotters:
if name == df['plotter']:
plp_status = plotterparameters_pull(webapi, prefix, [df['parameter']], ['data', 'short_description', 'plotter'], force, indentation + 2)
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