Commit 1aa9b162 authored by Samuel GAIST's avatar Samuel GAIST
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[commands] Add initializer helper method

parent 465aeff0
......@@ -247,4 +247,28 @@ CMD_TABLE = {
def command(name):
"""Returns a copy of the method to be decorated.
This allows to reuse the same commands. Using directly the original method
would allow to only use it once.
name str: Name of the desired command
return copy_func(CMD_TABLE[name])
def initialise_asset_commands(click_cmd_group, cmd_list):
"""Initialize a command group adding all the commands from cmd_list to it
click_cmd_group obj: click command to group
cmd_list list: list of string or tuple of the commands to add
for item in cmd_list:
if isinstance(item, tuple):
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