Commit 0e54f225 authored by Theophile GENTILHOMME's avatar Theophile GENTILHOMME
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[databases] Add path and edit commands

parent 1f6bbfb4
......@@ -596,6 +596,33 @@ def list(ctx, remote):
return common.display_local_list(configuration.path, 'database')
@click.argument('names', nargs=-1)
def path(ctx, names):
'''Displays local path of databases files
$ beat databases path xxx
return common.display_local_path(ctx.meta['config'].path, 'database', names)
@click.argument('name', nargs=1)
def edit(ctx, name):
'''Edit local database file
$ beat databases edit xxx
return common.edit_local_file(ctx.meta['config'].path,
ctx.meta['config'].editor, 'database',
@click.argument('db_names', nargs=-1)
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