Commit 0bf3201f authored by Samuel GAIST's avatar Samuel GAIST
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[decorators] Add returned value to error message of of raise_on_error

parent c8f13748
......@@ -40,7 +40,7 @@ from functools import wraps
from .log import set_verbosity_level
# This needs to be beat so that logger is configured for all beat packages.
logger = logging.getLogger('beat')
logger = logging.getLogger("beat")
def verbosity_option(**kwargs):
......@@ -56,20 +56,28 @@ def verbosity_option(**kwargs):
A decorator to be used for adding this option.
def custom_verbosity_option(f):
def callback(ctx, param, value):
ctx.meta['verbosity'] = value
ctx.meta["verbosity"] = value
set_verbosity_level(logger, value)
logger.debug("Logging of the `beat' logger was set to %d", value)
return value
return click.option(
'-v', '--verbose', count=True,
expose_value=False, default=2,
help="Increase the verbosity level from 0 (only error messages) "
"to 1 (warnings), 2 (log messages), 3 (debug information) by "
"adding the --verbose option as often as desired "
"(e.g. '-vvv' for debug).",
callback=callback, **kwargs)(f)
return custom_verbosity_option
......@@ -83,8 +91,11 @@ def raise_on_error(view_func):
def _decorator(*args, **kwargs):
value = view_func(*args, **kwargs)
if value not in [None, 0]:
exception = click.ClickException("Error occured")
exception = click.ClickException(
"Error occured: returned value is {}".format(value)
exception.exit_code = value
raise exception
return value
return wraps(view_func)(_decorator)
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