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.. You should have received a copy of the GNU Affero Public License along ..
.. with the BEAT platform. If not, see ..
Biometrics Evaluation and Testing Platform
This package contains the source code for a python-based backend for the BEAT
It contains the minimum amount of code needed to run an algorithm or serve
data from a dataset. It is designed to be installed in a container.
The ``beat.core`` package extends the functionalities of this one (for
instance, it adds thorough validation of each user contribution, whereas
``beat.backend.python`` assumes that an invalid contribution will never
reach the container).
For this reason (and to keep ``beat.backend.python`` as small as possible),
all the unit tests are located in ``beat.core``.
.. image::
.. image::
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.. image::
Python Backend for BEAT
This package part of BEAT_, an open-source evaluation platform for data science
algorithms and workflows. It contains the minimum amount of code needed to run
user algorithms or inject data in toolchains from locally installed raw data
Really easy, with ``zc.buildout``::
Complete BEAT's `installation`_ instructions. Then, to install this package,
$ python
$ ./bin/buildout
$ conda install beat.backend.python
These 2 commands should download and install all non-installed dependencies and
get you a fully operational test and development environment.
For questions or reporting issues to this software package, contact our
development `mailing list`_.
To build the documentation, just do::
$ ./bin/sphinx-apidoc --separate -d 2 --output=doc/api beat
$ ./bin/sphinx-build doc sphinx
.. Place your references here:
.. _beat:
.. _installation:
.. _mailing list:
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