Commit b266d0aa authored by Samuel GAIST's avatar Samuel GAIST
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[execution][algorithm] Improve error handling during process

If process fails, return early and send done message to
other parties. This allows to stop everything more
parent d5359ab5
...@@ -256,14 +256,18 @@ class AlgorithmExecutor(object): ...@@ -256,14 +256,18 @@ class AlgorithmExecutor(object):
output=self.output_list[0], output=self.output_list[0],
) )
else: else:
result = self.runner.process( result = self.runner.process(
inputs=self.input_list, inputs=self.input_list,
data_loaders=self.data_loaders, data_loaders=self.data_loaders,
outputs=self.output_list, outputs=self.output_list,
loop_channel=self.loop_channel, loop_channel=self.loop_channel,
) )
except Exception:
result = None
if not result: if not result:
return False return False
for output in self.output_list: for output in self.output_list:
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