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This package contains the source code for a python-based backend for the BEAT
It contains the minimum amount of code needed to run an algorithm or serve
data from a dataset. It is designed to be installed in a container.
The ``beat.core`` package extends the functionalities of this one (for
instance, it adds thorough validation of each user contribution, whereas
``beat.backend.python`` assumes that an invalid contribution will never
reach the container).
For this reason (and to keep ``beat.backend.python`` as small as possible),
all the unit tests are located in ``beat.core``.
......@@ -39,48 +51,11 @@ Really easy, with ``zc.buildout``::
These 2 commands should download and install all non-installed dependencies and
get you a fully operational test and development environment.
.. note::
If you are on the Idiap filesystem, you may use
``/idiap/project/beat/environments/staging/usr/bin/python`` to bootstrap this
package instead. It contains the same setup deployed at the final BEAT
To build the documentation, just do::
$ ./bin/sphinx-apidoc --separate -d 2 --output=doc/api beat/backend/python
$ ./bin/sphinx-apidoc --separate -d 2 --output=doc/api beat
$ ./bin/sphinx-build doc sphinx
After installation, it is possible to run our suite of unit tests. To do so,
use ``nose``::
$ ./bin/nosetests -sv
If you want to skip slow tests (at least those pulling stuff from our servers)
or executing lengthy operations, just do::
$ ./bin/nosetests -sv -a '!slow'
To measure the test coverage, do the following::
$ ./bin/nosetests -sv --with-coverage --cover-package=beat.backend.python
To produce an HTML test coverage report, at the directory `./htmlcov`, do the
$ ./bin/nosetests -sv --with-coverage --cover-package=beat.backend.python --cover-html --cover-html-dir=htmlcov
Our documentation is also interspersed with test units. You can run them using
$ ./bin/sphinx -b doctest doc sphinx
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