Commit 9c5b097c authored by Samuel GAIST's avatar Samuel GAIST
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[execution][messagehandlers] Fix write end_data_index handling in LoopMessageHandler

The None value is not properly handled and ends up
triggering a warning while it is a valid value for

This patch fixes this.
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......@@ -416,11 +416,17 @@ class LoopMessageHandler(MessageHandler):
def write(self, end_data_index):
""" Trigger a write on the output"""
end_data_index = end_data_index.decode("utf-8")
if end_data_index != "None":
end_data_index = int(end_data_index)
except ValueError:
logger.warning("recv: wrt invalid value {}".format(end_data_index))
end_data_index = None
end_data_index = None
logger.debug("recv: wrt {}".format(end_data_index))
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