Commit 6800184a authored by Samuel GAIST's avatar Samuel GAIST

[inputs] Replace input keyword by suffixed name

parent 2cc840c2
......@@ -240,7 +240,7 @@ class InputGroup:
def __len__(self):
return len(self._inputs)
def add(self, input):
def add(self, input_):
"""Add an input to the group
......@@ -249,8 +249,8 @@ class InputGroup:
""" = self
self._inputs.append(input) = self
def hasMoreData(self):
"""Indicates if there is more data to process in the group"""
......@@ -276,11 +276,11 @@ class InputGroup:
inputs_up_to_date = [x for x in self._inputs if x not in inputs_to_update]
for input in inputs_to_update:
for input_ in inputs_to_update:
for input in inputs_up_to_date:
input.data_same_as_previous = True
for input_ in inputs_up_to_date:
input_.data_same_as_previous = True
# Compute the group's start and end indices
self.data_index = reduce(
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