Commit 611c1515 authored by Samuel GAIST's avatar Samuel GAIST
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[utils] Fix hash generated by storage classes

The hash doesn't match what is done in beat/beat.web> resulting
in a mismatch when using e.g. beat/beat.cmdline>.

This patch modifies the code so that the returned value
follows the same logic as used in beat/beat.web>
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......@@ -333,17 +333,13 @@ class CodeStorage(AbstractStorage):
def hash(self):
declaration_hash = hash.hashJSONFile(self.json.path, "description")
if self.code.exists():
return hash.hash(
json=hash.hashJSONFile(self.json.path, "description"),
code_hash = hash.hashFileContents(self.code.path)
return hash.hash(dict(declaration=declaration_hash, code=code_hash))
return hash.hash(
dict(json=hash.hashJSONFile(self.json.path, "description"))
return declaration_hash
def exists(self):
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