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[readme] Add link to user guide

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......@@ -43,6 +43,7 @@ algorithms and workflows. It contains the minimum amount of code needed to run
user algorithms or inject data in toolchains from locally installed raw data
The `User Guide`_ provides installation and usage instructions.
......@@ -64,3 +65,4 @@ development `mailing list`_.
.. _beat:
.. _installation:
.. _mailing list:
.. _user guide:
  • @samuel.gaist: the link to the installation should be on the top, following the icons as in other packages to keep uniformity. Currently and unfortunately the link points to a non-existing document. Please keep track of this so that, when that link is properly set you remove this line from the README.

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  • I followed the README.rst which provides a link to the user guide in the explanation text as here. And the link is working properly.

    The links on top looks like they are the same.

    Therefore, I don't see where the problem is currently.

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