Commit 33889a5a authored by Samuel GAIST's avatar Samuel GAIST
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[output] Add end data index parameter and make it a synchronous operation

Synchronous operation means that the following loop user
write will happen after the loop write method was called.

The end data index parameter allows to keep the output of
both block in sync.
parent 69ee30e2
......@@ -325,9 +325,8 @@ class Runner(object):
return answer
def write(self, outputs):
def write(self, outputs, end_data_index):
"""Write to the outputs"""
exc = self.exc or RuntimeError
if self.algorithm.type != Algorithm.LOOP:
......@@ -340,8 +339,7 @@ class Runner(object):
# prepare() must have run
if not self.prepared:
raise exc("Algorithm '%s' is not yet prepared" %
return, "write", self.exc, outputs)
return, "write", self.exc, outputs, end_data_index)
def __getattr__(self, key):
"""Returns an attribute of the algorithm - only called at last resort
......@@ -258,11 +258,10 @@ class LoopExecutor(object):
logger.debug("User loop has validated: {}\n{}".format(is_valid, answer))
return is_valid, answer
def write(self):
def write(self, end_data_index=None):
"""Write the loop output"""
retval = self.runner.write(self.output_list)
retval = self.runner.write(self.output_list, end_data_index)
logger.debug("User loop wrote output: {}".format(retval))
return retval
......@@ -404,9 +404,19 @@ class LoopMessageHandler(MessageHandler):
self.socket.send_string("True" if is_valid else "False", zmq.SNDMORE)
def write(self):
def write(self, end_data_index):
""" Trigger a write on the output"""
logger.debug("recv: wrt")
end_data_index = int(end_data_index)
except ValueError:
logger.warning("recv: wrt invalid value {}".format(end_data_index))
end_data_index = None
logger.debug("recv: wrt {}".format(end_data_index))
except Exception:
......@@ -45,6 +45,7 @@ This module implements output related classes
import six
import logging
import zmq
logger = logging.getLogger(__name__)
......@@ -212,7 +213,9 @@ class RemotelySyncedOutput(Output):
def write(self, data, end_data_index=None):
super(RemotelySyncedOutput, self).write(data, end_data_index)
self.socket.send_string("wrt", zmq.SNDMORE)
# ----------------------------------------------------------
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